First Lie, Self Lie

Problem, most people have problems, no one were free of this thing. Each of them has their own way to solve the problem, depend on their skill-knowledge-attitude (some call it “wise”). Unfortunately some of them solve the problem with the wrong way, doing a lie !.

Do you know? if you are doing a lie, the first one you have lied to, it was your self ! yes your self ! & your self was the one who knows that what you have said was correct or not.

Why some people say a lie ? ego ? loosing something ? prestige ? but all of that only depend on yourself. You can manage your heart or mindset, you can train your behavior not to lie. You must believe that its good to say the true, not a lie.


Satu Tanggapan to “First Lie, Self Lie”

  1. Freddy Hernawan Says:

    iya pak, bener banget tuh. pelajaran hidup yang paling sering orang tua saya berikan adalah selalu untuk jujur. oleh karena itu, sulit bagi saya untuk berbohong.

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